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Torque 60 Pack OBD 2 Themes

4 usd

Millions of Color Combinations. For Torque Pro or Torque Lite.Theme Pack 1 -- OriginalTheme Pack 2 -- Fire and Metal ; Theme Pack 3 -- Carbon Nitrous ; Theme Pack 4 -- Insane pack- C.A.R.V.I.STheme Pack 5 -- Sci Fi and H.U.D.
FOR THIS TO WORK YOU HAVE TO HAVE 1. A CAR -- 2. an OBD 2 Device (ebay $15.00) -- 3. Torque program ( free or pro version)Please dont rate this pack 1 star if you dont have these. Watch install video this is EASY!!
NEW INSTANT COLOR AND DIAL RADIUS ANGLE EDITOR IN THIS VERSION!!!You can change any gauge dial Immediately.It is simple and effective.Match your Automobile-- Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford etc….. grab a background you like.use the dials in the App or any that Ian has in his Torque program.
You will receive 60 themes in this pack.
Enjoy! Please email me if you want specialized themes I will work on them for your car.Quadhelix is not affiliated with IAN Hawkings Torque
Works with Ian Hawkings Torque series..